Can you think of any other similar words to thrift shop?
what about second hand store?

Thank you
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Secondhand store, recycle shop
In Paris, there are many "Vintage Clothing" shops.
They are nothing more than thrift stores, but you get an espresso and a cookie while you browse through someone's old Chanel suits or Hermès ties.
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In the US, there is a very large charity that operates these stores - so we call them Goodwill stores. (Goodwill hires handicapped people to repair and refurbish the donated items.)
In Seattle we have a bookstore called Twice-Told Tales.
Thanks Philip, but I think it is very regional and it can only be applied to books.
Thanks for your input, That was helpfull.
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Thanks AlpheccaStars for your help
Thank you Mister Micawber.
I hadn't heard recycle shop untill you said.
Can it be used for all kind secondhand items such as clothing, furniture, kitchenware?
Thanks John.
I was familiar with the vintage just for wine.
Now, I can see it has other usages as well. Emotion: smile
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