Hmm... How should I explain the word/expression I'm looking for. Okay, this is an example, hope you understand:

If someone plays hers/his part in a movie, for example, too well. Like, s/he is supposed to act very childish that one doesn't notice how well the actor is acting the part, one only gets irritated for the actors childish behaviour.

Am I making any sense?
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Oh yeah, that one is possible, thanks. But isn't there any expression which might explain the above mentioned thing? I guess all the proverbs in my native language haven't been translated into English.
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Could you give us the literal English translation of the proverb or expression you're thinking about? That might give us a bit more of a clue...


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My example is horrible when I'm looking at it now. I spent three hours on my computer yesterday and it obviously blurred my mind, so sorry for the hideous example.

hopefully a better example: If one isn't satisfied with one's situation, then naturally one wants to achieve more; however, by trying to achieve more, perhaps in a greedy way, everything fails. So, in short, I want to get more and more of something but the result is a total failure.

Am I now making any sense at all?

You are a victim of your own greed or ambition?


You are a victim of your own greed or ambition?


I quite like it, moreover, it suits well to to the context. Thanks!
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