I'm looking for a word, an adjective, to describe a person's character or personality. What's that word to describe someone who appears to be thinking that they are more important than others. By the outer appearance when you talk to them you can tell that they don't like to be bothered or being talked to. It's like everytime you talk to them they give you that "What do you want?" kind of look. It's a very simple and common word, but I just don't know it in English.

Ex. "He is so (adjective), I don't like talking with him."

Thanks so much.
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egocentric? egotistic? self-centred? self-absorbed? self-obsessed?
Not exactly. I don't know how to put it, but it's about a person's character and also its negative appearance.
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That's very close, but it would be best if there's a word that could combine condescending and a quality which describes a behaviour of a person in that they act in a way that appears that they have complete lack of interest in socializing with others or complete dislike of communicating with others. Thanks a lot by the way.
arrogant maybe??
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haughty: scornfully and condescendingly proud...
Yes, I think aloof is the word. Thanks a lot.
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