I have a question about an offensive term which obliged me to apologize for asking such a word beforehand.

What do we call the act of having ...ex with someone else's partner?

And also let me know whether or not I'm allowed to ask such questions.

Any help is highly appreciated in advance,

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You may ask.

The correct term would depend on the status of the people involved.

In the 50's the slang for making a move on your friend's girl was "bird dogging." I don't think ...ex was necessarily involved.

I can't imagine what offensive term you have in mind. I believe there are "swinger" clubs which practice "wife-swapping."

"Adultry" is having ...ex with someone other than your spouse, but it doesn't necessarily have to be someone else's partner.

I expect there are plenty of offensive terms which I have yet to learn.
Hi Avangi,

Thank you very much.

The given words were really helpful.


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Dear Avangi,

Adultery was the word I was looking for. Thank you.

By the way, here are some other related words:

cuckoldry and extramarital



As Avangi said, bird dogging is the best term for it.

Cuckold is a man whoese wife has sex with others usually with his agreement or at least his awareness.

Hi Hamid,

Thank you.
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Perhaps I am naive, but I have never heard the birddogging term.

I truly would have no idea what you meant if you told me that Steve was mad at Alan because Alan birddogged him. No clue at all.
I've never heard it either. Maybe it's just a guy word.

There's "cheating," although it applies to the two-timing (there's another good word!) partner, not the partner's new partner. In other words, if Sally and Bob are a couple and Sally starts sleeping with Joe, Sally is cheating on Bob with Joe.
Hey, I said "in the 50's." I realize you guys were yet unborn. Emotion: big smile

It was even in songs! http://www.lyricsbay.com/bird_dog_lyrics-joan_jett_and_the_blackhearts.html
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