Could you please help me to get the lyrics of the following song video (on You Tube).

***Sorry i couldnt paste the link of the video so I type the titlle
(Japan Earthquake Tsunami wave Red Cross March 11,2011)

I am not sure about what i got Emotion: smile

It feels like Heaven
?? could be heaven
Do not let me go..... , please do not let me go
that comes like ? summer rain , do not let me go.......,pleas do not let me down .....,
when I am feeling blue I never find my back home , do not let me do please do not let me go ......
when i seek for you i can make it ? by my own ...
???? tell me ?? only you ? just ???

Thank you Emotion: smile
Sounds like savage Garden, or REM
do you know the song name ???

thank you