Hi teachers~

I am looking for a name for a house people have for special occasions (vacation ot weekend)

Beach or mountain (hose/home/cabin)

Which one is the most common word?

Is there anything else?

Thanks in advance~


In Ontario, a lot of people have a cottage, often beside a lake in the forest.

pen slide 883Which one is the most common word?

It's regional, so it depends where you live. Where I grew up in the North Central region of the U.S., it was "cottage", but in other areas I hear "cabin". There are no doubt other favorite words for that idea in other parts of the world.


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pen slide 883Is there anything else?

Holiday home or holiday house, in the UK.

vacation home / second home in the US.

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pen slide 883Is there anything else?

I've heard "shack" in Australia, and "dacha" in Russia.

Thank you so much for your help~
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