The Effect on Chinese Students Studying English Abroad

Since 1978, when Chinese government carried out the policy of reform and opening and the strategy of rejuvenating the nation by relying on science and education, a large number of Chinese students have study abroad. (“Students Studying Abroad”, 2004) Recent years, the number is increasing sharply. “According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, there are 380,000 Chinese students studying abroad”(“Students Studying Abroad”, 2004). And many of them are studying English in English-speaking countries, such as the USA, Australia, Britain, and so the forth. The effect on Chinese students studying English abroad is becoming a controversy.
Studying English abroad, especially in the English-speaking countries, has many advantages.

In the first place, since the best way to learn language is to live where it is spoken, Chinese students can get great environment of learning English when study abroad. They are exposed to the absolute English-speaking environment which makes them have to use English all the time.

In the English learning class, those students are required to listen to the teachers’ English lectures, to read the English textbook and materials; to discuss with their classmates in English; make English presentations; to finish their homework and examinations in English, and so on. In other words, students can expect something different in their learning experience, which is meaningful.

On the other hand, communicating with teachers and friends, shopping, asking for directions, listening to radio, reading newspapers, watching TV, and other daily activities they must engage after class also give them many opportunities to practices English in every aspects, especially in listening and speaking. (“Why Don't You Study Abroad?”, 2004) This is very useful to the Chinese students who are said to be good at reading and writing, but weak in listening and speaking.

Just as a Chinese students who went to Australia to learn English 3 years ago said: “The good thing of learning English here is that you can learn English much more quickly, especially speaking and listening, because you have to speak English if you talk to anybody other than a Chinese.” (David, personal communication, May, 1 2004)

Secondly, living abroad such different environment from Chinese itself can be a challenging and interesting experience for those Chinese students.

Being apart from parents, they must be on their own and take care of themselves. Most students live with a local family or with friends in a dorm or an apartment which can give them many chances to get acquainted with local people and improve their communication skills.
Furthermore, there are different kinds of events such as lectures, plays, concerts and sports events on and off campus for them to take part in. These experiences will help them understand other country’s people and culture much easier than just through books, movies, etc. (“Why Don't You Study Abroad?”, 2004)

Thirdly, the assimilation of another culture will enable one to view everything from a different angle and distinguish advantages from disadvantages both in one’s own culture and in a new culture. It will help the students broaden their ways of thinking. (“My View on Study Abroad”, 2003)

Fourthly, through years of studying abroad, most students can hold perfect English and have broader view of things which can help them have a better qualification and development when finding jobs in China.

Finally but not the least, most those English-speaking countries have a better education order than China. Besides, because most of those English-speaking countries are developed countries, so they can offer students more advanced facilities which will give great help in teaching.

However, just as old saying goes “There are two sides to every coin”, Chinese students studying English abroad also have some difficulties.(By Kim Bo-yeon, and Kim Hyung-eun,2003)003
First of all, “Studying abroad has life-altering effects”. (Annette Henke?Idaho Argonaut,2002)

Being so far way from families, homesickness is the first thing those Chinese students should come across.

In addition, cultural shock such principal difference will also make students feel difficult to integrate into a new culture and respond naturally to new situations.

A strange land, people, language and living customs may create an identity crisis strong enough to break one’s will, and throw one into panic and even despair.(“My View on Study Abroad”, 2003 )

Secondly, the expensive tuition lays a heavy burden on those Chinese students who study. Most of them should find part-time job to afford their spending which will influence their study.

Thirdly, Chinese students intending to study English abroad are getting younger in recent years.
Qi Lixin, (2004) observed:
These students go abroad too early, which is not so good for their growth. Since most of the students at this age have grown up in families containing four elderly people and two parents as well as themselves, they are incapable of taking care of themselves in daily life. As well, they do not have mature outlooks on the world or life. If they, in such a state of mind, enter a society that is greatly different in ideology and lifestyle, they are very likely to lose their direction n in life. As a result, it will be difficult for them to succeed in their education and, more importantly, there may be a shadow on them for the rest of their lives.

Lastly, because of more and more Chinese students entering language schools abroad, in some schools, more than a half of students in class are Chinese. Once students cannot be well in self-discipline, they will tend to speak Chinese but not English in and out of class. If so, their English cannot be improved effectively or even worse than when they were in China after spending so much time and money abroad.

In conclusion, the effect on Chinese students studying English abroad “has its pros and cons” (Nahla Karrar, 2001). However, it is a worthwhile experience in learning language as well as culture though with some challenges. If those Chinese students who are studying or planning English abroad can overcome the difficulties and make full use of the advantages, studying English abroad will take its good effect.
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It is important for Chinese students to mix and not share flats and accomodation with other Chinese students. This may cause financial problems.

It is important to realize that most nationalities have different problems and as you suggested Chinese students have problems listening and speaking.

This is why i think it is so important they mix more.

It is important to choose a school with not too high a proportion of Chinese students otherwise they will do the obvious and stick together. Agents and schools must be honest
and not have finance as a priority rather than the good of the students.
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May I add that travel and meeting different nationalities will bring about more understnding
and less mistrust. Ioften think that my students would be better off if they were exposed to the methodology used by a native speaker prior to travelling abroad.
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