Please explain why the "ing" after looking forward to or look forward to...

As a sentence, we commonly say "I am looking forward to seeing you', becuse the continuous tense stresses the duration of the action. Shortened, this becomes 'Looking forward to seeing you'. You can think of it as an adjectival phrase, describing the writer.

As a sentence, 'I look forward to seeing you' is not wrong. However, we never shorten this to 'Look forwad to seeing you'. It's not a correct adjectival phrase.

AnonymousPlease explain why the "ing" (form occurs) after looking forward to or look forward to...

A distinction must be made between the to of the infinitive, which is not followed by an -ing form, and the preposition to, which is followed by an -ing form. The to in the expression look forward to is a preposition.

See 'To' + 'ing' and follow the other links shown in that post.

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"I am looking forward to seeing you" is appropriate which indicates that the person is eagerly awaiting for the meeting.
In any instance please do not write " I look forward to hearing/seeing........ its completely wrong.
the entire sentence should be in continuous tense.
What Mr. clive wrote is also true and upto the mark.
all the best,
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