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I hope someone will abe able to help me.

I'm working on a batch of documents related to telephony (I'm translating them from French to English) and I am stuck when it comes to finding a noun to describe a simple operation:

A calls B, C calls B, => B puts A and C in contact to they can speak together.
"A user calls an IVR system (basically a voice service) and the system puts the user in contact with a human operator"

Translated literally, the French expression is "putting in relation" or "putting in contact" but that seems unusable in English. "Connection" seems a bit too vague. I also thought of "forwarding" or "redirection" but I'm not sure about those.

I hope this is clear, if it isn't, I can try to explain it better.

Thanks for any help.
We normally say that A has 'put B through' to C. 'I'll just put you through to him' 'Putting you through now'.

Also used in second context but can use connecting you to...
I think the word you are looking for is "liaison' which is the noun. "The negotiator acted as liaison between the two parties".

The verb is "liaise".

Or you could simply use "communication" To put them in communication with each other.