Hi this is my first post here! This forums is perfect for learning English!

I want to improve my spoken English and I'm looking for A rule model of spoken British English which is considered as standard MODERN British English. The problem is even reporters from BBC have big difference in their accents but I just need ONE accent as my rule model. Today I came across a site with some audio samples of people speaking English around the world and I found the sample that sounds most natural to me(http://classweb.gmu.edu/accent/english11.html ). What kind of accent is it? I need recommedation of studying material with the similar accent I provided but by a male. I prefer sources like documentary series in DVD except those about Science with loads of jargons. Any input would be helpful, thanks.
This is a regional accent not a 'standard' English one - it is a nice accent though if you want to acquire it! It is a north of England accent.

Tricky to answer your question as there are many accents in modern England and I couldn't pick one out as standard now. RP was always taught as standard English but actually few native speakers use it.
Thanks for your reply Nona! Yes it's true that there are SO many accents in England as I listen to BBC. Forget RP, it doesn't matter WHICH accent is the standard British English. May be you can name some famous British you know who speak the accent I'm looking for. Then I will try searching for their products. By the way, Do you have more specifiic terms for the "north England accent" I provided?
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Well, I just meant is is one of many accents from the north of England as the speaker was from Staffordshire. Although to be accurate I think it is just about the midlands (central England) rather than the true north - being from the south I tend to think of anywhere 'up there' as north!

To be honest, you are unlikely to be able to perfect a particular British accent. Even professional actors find this difficult (American actors trying to sound British in films usually fall far from the mark. A few manage but that is with professional voice coaching). Still, if you can name an actor you like the sound of I will try and tell you what type of accent he has.

But, really, what is wrong with your own accent?
I know it's impossible for me to sound like a native and I don't have to. I'm just trying to find a a rule model to follow and practise my Spoken English. I don't really have serious problem in speaking English. But I found my accent is highly related with what I hear recently. If I listen to BBC I sound more British. If I watch more Hollywood films I sound more American. May be I have good ears and I develop this kind of habbit when practising musical instruments, that trying to sound like the music I listen to. Anyway thanks for your help and I will come back when I have more specific information.
Hello,could anyone help me to improve my communications skils.Actually I can understand everything but I can't tak fluently not even moderately. So I'm seeking for a help and I would like to follow British spoken english. So please anyone here could talk to me and clear my doubts.
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