Hi, everyone! I am Vania. I am an online English teacher. I conduct my classes through Skype and Zoom applications. These are some useful information about our English school.

Courses Offered

English Classes for starters to advanced

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Survival English
  • Business English


About Us

Let’s break the ice of boring classes! English Plus Learning Academy is a newly built online English platform to help kids and adults learn English by customizing every lesson that suits our students’ characteristics. We are very passionate in teaching our students and in finding interactive ways for effective learning.

Our Mission

English Plus Learning Academy is dedicated to providing and guiding our students towards developing a wide vocabulary and fluency in English for a future full of success and opportunity through designing every English lesson that perfectly suits you

and your kids for effective learning

Our Vision

To be globally recognized as an outstanding online

ESL (English as a Second Language) platform

Contact Us

Email Removed">englishpluslearningacademy (at) gmail.com (email address edited by moderator, as the system automatically removes email addresses. Replace " (at) " with "@" for correct email address.)

Skype ID: live:.cid.a200f763a0d18a24


Monthly Payment

Original Monthly Price - USD 150 / month

Promotional Price – USD 100 / month

(Valid Until June 2020)


5% Discount if you pay the 2 months in FULL

10% Discount if you pay the 3 months in FULL

Additional 10% Discount if you refer a friend and the referred friend have paid at least 1 month in FULL

Note: USD 10 will be given to anyone who can refer a friend (a friend who have paid at least 1 month in FULL)

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