I've been learning English on my own for 3 years and a half and got tired of it.
Could anybody help me to find a good tutor? He have to be a linguist, a teacher of English as a foreign language by education.
I took lessons from a native speaker and I dare say he knew nothing about neither good teaching nor English as FL. Emotion: crying
I study English every day as a madman but the result is zero.

If any one can help me, I'd be appriciate for it.

Please write me
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You've done very well on your own.

I hope someone sees your message and can assist.
Hello, and welcome to the forums. Emotion: smile
Your English is very good, you should be proud of yourself!

I can understand your worries, and I agree that looking for someone who is actually a teacher is always the best choice; it will save you trouble.
I live in Argentina, and there are people in my country who teach others our mother tongue (Spanish). Unfortunately, and perhaps surprisingly even, many of these people could use some help with their first language as well. Not everyone understands that speaking a language does not make people teachers of that language.

I don't know if you are looking for an online tutor or you'd rather find someone in your city. In either case, I trust you will find help in these forums. I suggest you post a copy of your original post to the "Teaching English" section as well, it will surely help.

And you are welcomed, and encouraged, to post any doubts you may have. There are many people willing to help here.

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I'm looking for a real teacher in a rial life and in real Moscow city. I know pretty well that teachers moove around the world and get in touch to each other. I hoped that sb could help me to find a good tutor in Moscow.


A talented and experienced tutor,
a teacher by education and nature.
What sort of help do you want?
I doubt if you will receive a response, Esgaleth. The question was posted nine years ago.
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Dear fivejedjon,
Thanks for caring.
I don't know why the date of the last post became visible only on my profile page but not before answering. Admittedly, it has deepened my understanding of what life is in general. Emotion: smile
Thank you very much indeed.