Hi all....

I am learning writing english, due to I rare to speak english everyday actively, I am not conficence how to start writing, especially about using right word.

Is there any specific rule how to write? or maybe any website could help me learning english writing. Or any suggestion what should I do to learn english writing

Thanks all


Now i study ENG 155 course for IT college in Bahrain ... it's about writing

and we study frome thise site.

good luck ..

Hello. The Writing Center on your campus can help you.

UOB now has a Writing Center where students can go to get help with any writing assignment from any class. This is a free service for all UOB students. The Writing Center is open daily from 10:00 to 2:00. It is building S20, room 133.

All the best,

Jodi Lefort

Writing Center Coordinator