At a restaurant


Waitress: Well, we have sandwiches, steak, pork chops,
Man: Sandwich.
Woman: Yeah, yeah, I think I'll have the chicken sandwich.
Waitress: Very good. Would you care for anything to drink
with your meal?
Man: No, water's fine.
Waitress: Ok.
Man: Thank you.

Waitress: And your chicken sandwich and your roast beef.
Man: Thank you.
Woman: Wow!
Man: Mm, looks like that we won't be having dessert today.
Woman: Are you sure you can finish all that?
Man: We'll just have to wait and see.


What does "we won't be having dessert today" mean?

Thank you


They won't be ordering any dessert because the main meal is so large.


By the way , "Mm, looks like that ~" is wrong. It should just be "Mm, looks like ~".

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It means 'After we eat all that food, we won't have any room left in our stomachs for dessert'.

When we have no room let in our stomachs, we often say simply I'm full!

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So in this case "having" means "ordering"?

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Thank you, Clive

rezaenglishSo in this case "having" means "ordering"?

It implies having and eating, which in this context implies ordering.


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