Can anybody solve my problem, I'm 23 years old, girl. I can't stop my pals when they take over everthing in class, I can't stop them when they abuse me , all I care for is just to satisfy them, I need this advice as soon as possible, my dignity is bleeding . I also feel like an outsider in class and that I can never fit in, please HELP..Emotion: sadEmotion: sadEmotion: sad
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Sweet Desert, I've read a few of your posts, you're a brilliant and nice person. Ignore the bullies in your class, don't pay any attention to them, I guess you have many interests of your own that they couldn't even begin to understand. How do they abuse you?

Hold on, [F] [F] [F]
If they treat you like that, why do you call them pals? It's a sad fact that we can't choose who we have to study with or work with and sometimes we get stuck with horrible people or morons. It's a fault with them not you.
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pieanne, thanks for your compliment and I really appreciate your help. Well,you see, they are a punch of girls who tries to act as rich people and thus they ignore others when they talk to them, they sometimes pretend they haven't heard you, weird ,hah !!! I used not to care about their acts since I've been studying with them for three years but I don't know what's happening to me, it just happened this year, in Saudi Arabia we've started schools recently, and I don't know why do I feel so degraded. In order to escape this feeling I read alot and I write many poems and memories.I feel relaxed when writing in this forum, you don't know how good I feel when I find someone who cares about me , I'm waiting for your reply, THANKS DEAR.Emotion: big smile
Dear nona the brit ( I like your name),

I'm so grateful to you , your words are very encouraging and helpful. You see, I need such words in order to concenterate on my subjects since the new year just began, THANKS DEAR.
Every school gets a bunch of girls like that, I think there is a factory somewhere churning them out!

Can't you just forget about them and make some new friends? If you did 'fit in with them' and were part of their crowd, would you be happy with yourself? You would have to turn into someone like them...

Try and make some friends outside of school too, then you really won't care what happens in those few hours and just get on with your studying. I sympathise because I was in a similar situation myself for the last couple of years at school. In the end I just concentrated on my friends out of school and thought 'sod'em' about the other pupils.
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I know the feeling too, and Nona's right, you wouldn't really want to be like them? They seem obnoxious... Spoiled brats... But not everyboby at school is like them, I hope? You can make other friends, even if they're on in your class?

Anyway, just ignore them, it's the worst you can do to them!
Pieanne and Nona are right, TSD. Why don't you befriend other girls that think like you, or are from the same social class as you?
Good Day Sweet Desert!

We find bullies in all schools,institutions and even work places, all over the world. Bullies always know who to pick on, by simply using the other person's weaknesses and hurting them.

It's very important that you stand up for yourself and draw a clear line on the people trying to abuse you. You are a human being with noble qualities and you just can't let others use you as a toilet roll. In your case, they are college girls who are nobody to you. Hence the best thing you can do is ignore them,make friends with other more potentially intellectual girls, and just completely erase these nitwits' presence in your mind. If they persist, you can probably give them a polite warning that you will complain to the higher authorities.The real trouble is when you face challenges at the work place from someone with a higher, more important status. In life you will meet more people who are just born to make snide,derogatory remarks. Always keep a firm foot on the ground. Your life belongs to you, nobody else's. Remember that.

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