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So, there's nothing to do but wait, expect and predict... (and 99% fail in our prediction)

When I watch this film I always wonder how very much creative a scriptwrigth should be!!! What a great imagination! Bravo!!!
well, nothing but waiting, i hope too actors stay all the seasons, whatever reached[:^)]
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lost will end in 2010...omg~~~i've finish season 3 ~~
The same with me. keep waiting, don't worry and be happy. And you won't be LOST!
Two weeks ago I've started to watch this film on the first channel (Russians'll understand me))))...
I didn't know that there is so many series. I think that better to buy a DVD with all series (Russians'll understand me twicely))))
The serial's really very good...
PS How many series in all the seasons, which are available now?
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In Russia (you'll understand me) You can buy all the three seasons by now.
I meant that in Russia you've a very big chance to buy a pirate's DVD. I think that watching the serial on TV is better than being patient to bad quality Emotion: wink But if I'll see the dvd with 3 seasons in a supermarket I'll buy it.
i read in a trustworthy magazine that there´ll be all together 8 seosons. in germany we´re presently at the 3rd a bit over the half. i just watched the last one (in english of course^^). it was just awesome once again. i love it.
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8 seasons!? I have read in many places that LOST will consist of 5 seasons.
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