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We'll have to watch all the series no matter how many there are.
Yeah you're right. So I think this serial becomes to drive me crazy. I wanted to buy all 3 seasons on a DVD in the internet but it costs 800rubles for 1 season! Argh! (Maybe I should try to find a pirate's DVD on market but quality...)
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i really hope that the story´s not going to be one of those that have no good plot at all. like a movie i saw recently, how was the name, i don´t know something about dissappearing people without someone recognising. anyway, everything was really tensing and you wanted to know the solution, maybe the government or was the main character just crazy? no, it´s been aliens. awesome, aliens can act everywhere. hope that lost is not going to be too much of science fiction, if the end doesn´t fit together i´ll be re-heally sad and condemn the developers. because it was so far maybe the best series i ever watched