Hi there,

I was wondering when do I use loss and lost? I always get confuse.

For example,

The lakers lost. or The lakers loss the game.
I lost my toy or my toy is loss.

I never know which to use.
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"loss" is a noun, while "lost" is the past participle form of "lose".

Therefore, " The lakers loss the game." is wrong. It should be "The lakers lost the game". Likewise, the sentence "my toy is loss" is wrong, and it will be " my toy is lost".

"loss" should be used as noun. For example, 1 The businessman suffered a huge loss . 2 I have lost my toy and the loss is due to my negligence. 3 "asianbma is always at a loss regarding the uses of lost and loss". Here, the expression " at a loss" means confused
no i understand..thanks a lot..
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Hi, can u help me? can u check the right one? We are not responsible for any loss. Or We are not responsible for any lost.
... for any loss.

Lakers should begin with a capital letter.
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not sure what to use An employee loss his sister or An employee lost his sister on last week?
Anonymousnot sure what to use
Then read the second post in the thread.
dnguha "loss" is a noun, while "lost" is the past and past participle form of (the verb) "lose".
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