I never asked for the sunshine
I never wanted the rain
I didn't ask for these feelings
And I never wanted this pain

I can't let go of you,
It's too hard to say goodbye.
I never realized i was in love with you
Until you said we were thru

I never shed these tears,
When you were here
I never thought we could fall apart,
But I know as the pain I feel in my heart

I remember all the things you used to say,
the way you could wipe my tears away.
I remember all the times we shared,
and I knew you were the only person who cared

I remember how you said you loved me more,
And those simple words I did adore.
I remember when we had the world in our hands,
Now all we have is memories left in the sand

I will never forget the days we once had,
The days when you were everything to me.
My mind used to tell me we'd be together,
But now I realize that was all a big dream.

I wanted to tell you the way,
you smile lights up my day.
I wanted to tell you, your presence,
warms me in every way.

As I look back on the times we shared,
I realize now just how much you cared.
You are everything I always wanted,
I couldn't have asked for more.

I want to tell you
My love has grown from day to day,
My love is hurting while apart,
and now my heart is sore

This is just a simple plea,
a simple wish of mine.
That you will be with me
until the end of time.
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Aww. How sad. It's still a good poem poem though. My poetry certainly wouldn't measure up.
Thanks a lot! Do post your poems too.
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Well, I only have one or two because I'm too lazy to force myself to sit down and write often enough. My poems aren't serious though. They're mostly just silly.Emotion: stick out tongue
Thats ok. the readers will decide that! Did u get a chjance to read all my poems?(about 15 of them are posted).Do post your poems!
Well, perhaps I'll post one...

I'm not sure if I've read all of yours or not. I doesn't seem that I've read as many as fifteen but I've read most of the ones on the first page of this forum anyway.
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Another one...

I want to drink the water from your lips
I want to touch the sound of your heart
I want to hear the movement of your soul
I want to breathe in your shadow
You are my passion
dats the same way i feel nd noe its over between me nd him and i still love him!! dat poem is awsome!
Thanks Anonymous for stopping by to read my poem.
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