I lost all of a reply I had spent 30 minutes composing when I attempted to look up the spelling of a word at another website.
I have sometimes lost replies when I tried to use the "back" button to look at earlier posts in tthe thread I was answering - when when I press the "forward" button it taks me back to the "reply" page but it is blank. (Of course, I've lost all my best replies this way!) Now I try to remember to use control-c to put the whole reply in memory before moving to any other screen, then I can just control-v to paste it back in. Of course, I don't always remember in time. Emotion: sad
Hi Khoff,

I normally open another window so I can keep browsing. I don't touch the reply window until my message is sent.

Hope that helps.
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Julie, how do you manage to open another window? When I browse or google, it always takes the place of the Forums' window... Emotion: tongue tied
What kind of browser are you using, Pieanne?

Go to the "file" menu, choose "new", then click on "window". Or press cntl - N.

Or right click on a link, and choose "open in new window".

I don't ever mess with the window that has my reply until I'm done with it.

Hope that helps.
Oh yes, it helps! That's wonderful... [awed emoticon]

Thank you, Julie!
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..With some browsers, you can simply minimise the window. Then if you e.g. click on a bookmark, it will take you into a new window...

I don't seem to have that option on mine (but then one is never sure of anything), but Julie's tip works perfectly! All my tools are only one click away, now Emotion: smile