I can buy a lot of cake as I have enough money.

I can buy lots of cake as I have enough money.

I can buy lots of cakes as I have enough money.

Please tell me which one is correct.
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All of them.

a lot of cake / lots of cake = a large quantity of cake, perhaps a very large slice.

lots of cakes = a large number of different cakes
Thank you Lil Ruby Rose.

I have asked lots of question of him. [Doubt arised in my mind because I read somewhere this is wrong]

Is this sentence right?
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I have asked him lots of questions.

(say and talk are usually followed by 'to', but ask and tell are usually not)

Doubt arose in your mind.
Hi all,

I wonder if I could say 'I have asked a lot of questions about him'.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Yes, meaning that you asked other people for information about him - not that you asked him anything directly.
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Thank you Lil Ruby Rose.

This is my doubt :

We can use the phrase `lots of cake', then I wonder why we cannot use the `lots of question'?
cake can be uncountable / questions are countable
So, can we use 'Lots of questions'?
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