Did u see the leaves?
Shaking their bodies
In the cool breeze
Of the spring
They are dancing
With joy
To my falling in Love.

Did u watch the peacock?
Dancing with rhythm
In the drenching showers
Of the rain
She is dancing
With ecstasy
To my losing my heart.

Did u hear the cuckoo?
Singing to glory
In the burning heat
Of the summer.
She is rejoicing
With music
To my passionate Love.

Did u feel the sunrays?
Seeping through windows
In the soothing shade
Of the afternoon.
They are beckoning
With warmth
To my lovelorn heart.
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Any comments please...
Would appreciate any comments.Thanks
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This could be a good song.
Thanks Nav.
I like the first verse best. Nicely done anita.
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Thanks Tryst.
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nice to read this.
1). Friendship
2). Love

please detail as in the above mention.

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