Hi friends,

Is it right?

"Love to take any challenge in Java"

Thank You!
How about:

I love any challenge in Java.
thanks for you reply!

But "I love any challenge in Java."-i am not going to say this to anyone.

"Love to take any challenge in java" -as a message-this message will be displayed under my photo.

Thank You! Anyothers???
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Ahh! Since you will be using it as a quote or as a message to accompany a photo, then perhaps you can word it this way:

- love to take on any challenge in Java.

take on*:
-To undertake or begin to handle: took on extra responsibilities.
-To hire; engage: took on more workers during the harvest.
-To oppose in competition: a wrestler who took on all comers.
-Informal To display violent or passionate emotion: Don't take on so!
-To acquire (an appearance, for example) as or as if one's own: Over the years he has taken on the look of a banker.

Thank You Mr.Arvsworld

now i changed my Quote;

Thank You! Its very kind of you!