another try of mine ..

~~:: A Love Dare ::~~

i cant believe i still care ..
its just way not fair ..
you have a life .. and a spare ..
and when i think of speaking
i tell myself : Dont You Dare ..

for me you are so very rare ..
and you being away is my life's nightmare ..
from the begining i shouldve made you care..
and bcoz i didnt get your care ..
the only thing i do now is to get shocked and stare ..

my love for you is so much to bare ..
your not mine now.. huh !! Who Cares ??!!!!
you'll be oneday .. and on that i swear ..

and everybody will see how i'll win this Dare ..
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Just don't go psycho Cutest!!Emotion: wink
Emotion: smile will make sure i dont ..
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You don't wanna win?
There's winning and there's screwing everything up in the process Emotion: tongue tied
win him ..

i wrote that ages ago ..
it doesnt mean that much to me anymore ..
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What do you mean, Da cutest? win him? win who?
ah well .. an X-crush ..
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