aeons it has been
since the time we had last seen

I know not the way of Him
but why i lost you is his whim

lost from you , lost my queen
nothing but gloom , was in me seen

lost is my life like a dew
into the sun that is you

my quests all go in vain
what i seek to cease is my pain

i know not where you are
but life without you is bizarre

Although , in pain untold i cry
to reach you for eternity i shall try.

know that time which kills all with vigour
withers not our love , my sugar

whew ! That was my first attempt at writing peoms.
I'm sure there must be many a errors.Do share you opinion. Emotion: smile
Mr Sam,

Waow... Always impressed with people who can make it rhyme...
Hope this isn't you acting your own hurt out, as a form of personal therapy ?Nice little poem anyway... Keep it up !
Vigour/sugar is an unusual and interesting rhyme.