dear sir i writing a love letter for lover
Is it me?
Good luck!!!
I can write a love letter for you. It’s addressed to my little Bogie, the cutest, naughtiest hound dog puppy in the whole world.

Hey Bogie!
My little scallywag, doesn’t your little tail go nuts when Mommy comes home? Yes it does darlin’; and Mommy puts down her big leather bag, her notebook computer and gets a little snack for you and we watch TV together. We love cartoons.
You were Mommy’s favorite from the moment she saw you in the store and we fell in love; love at first sight!

And the other gals, Auntie Jamie & Auntie ZZ, two favorite aunties? You’re their extra special favorite, yes you are darlin’

Please excuse me everyone, I’m from Boston and I miss my Mommy too!!
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I was really touched by that Aileen!
Do you mind if I print it really big and put it on my fridge?
Me too.
Can you print one for me too?
Of course, but you should ask Aileen's permission (it's her letter after all), oh and also the guest who started it all.
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Oh Aileen, can I have a copy too. I don't mind being a 'bogey'.

Talking about bogies, I've got to scrape off all those old ones I've collected under the sofa for the past five years. Thanks Aileen, I needed reminding!
lol!! BOGART!