In life devote yourself to joy and love
Behold the beauty of the peaceful dove
Those who live, in the end must all perish
Live as if you are already in heavens above.

This is a translation of a Hindi poem of the poet Omar Khayyam .
That's not bad at all – it keeps the rhymes etc. I wonder whether it's possible to make two iambic pentameters of the last two lines, to match the first two!

Thanks Mr.P? I tried iambic pentameters but failed. Can you please help?

Could you please read the one called strange love story? That's a translation of a popular song.
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Hello Anita! I have to log off now, but will look at the poems (and the rogue iambics!) when I next log on.

Bye for now,
Another translation of Omar Khayyam ...

Why am I here? Why was I ever born?
Why do I have to leave with everyone's heart torn?
If the universal wisdom in me be sown
I’d never be born, stay or leave anybody alone.