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by Danielle J.*****

Are you strong enoughf to hold it together?
are you soft as velvet or cold like leather?
do you love to recieve lots of beatiful flowrers?
Or do you like to walk and talk for several hours?
do you like to be walked in on all your problems?
do you like it if they took off their top or their bottoms?
How would you describe The relationship you had?
If he didnt call you for a week would you get mad or sad?
would you ask him the same questions or just relax?
Would you tell him lies or give him all the facts?
would you hold his hand or give him his lunch in a sack?
would you tell him you love him, if he doesn't say it back?..
Nice one... Emotion: smile
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MajI can't see you coming

I can't see you leaving

Your cold head hurts me

Is there a motive?

Is there a life?

Is there anything?

To survive

this one is sorta cool..
Emotion: smile
Song lyrics, but I think this is makes for a great read too. Marc Anthony presents -

Love is all...

When you hold me like this
so many memories fill my eyes
the first time we kissed
the times we nearly said good-bye
but still here we are
tested and tried and still true
and stronger than we ever knew


Love is all
the laughter and the tears that fall
the mundane and the magical
love is all
all is love
the careless word, the healing touch
the getting and the giving of
all is love
there's a me you've always known
the me that's a stranger still
the you that feels like home
and the you that never will
but still here we lie
tender and trusting and true
with everything that we've been through

[Repeat Chorus]

All the glory
all the pain
all the passion
that turns to ashes
only to rise again
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And here I have one Emotion: wink

Love is the sweetest emotion,
That springs in my heart,
Love is like that tender kisses,
You gave me at the start,
Love is that to see that special smile,
Appear on your face,
Love is like a bouquet,
With it is trimmings & lace,
Love is like sunshine,
Stronge and true,
Love is all that,
I feel so deeply for YOU

I hope you will like it ..
good luck
Hi Randa,and every body

I liked your poem alot. Could you all read my writing and tell me your opinion.

Take Me A Way

I do not know what happens to me

When I look to thee


I feel the world is not the same

When I look to your eye’s warm


I was coming and could see you far a way

My heart leapt as a child who found his mother’s way


But, the difference is clear

My sweet heart stands there


In front of the luck door

As I called it before


Then, I counted every step towards you

They were too long to reach you


Ah, finally I stood besides him

And I could see his eyes glime*


This glimmering carries lots of meanings

As an indication of love couples


Oh, God please bless this feeling

In order to save a couple of human being

Injured Palestine
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The screen flicks on my I.M,
So far and yet so near.
Your name sits there in vivid blue
And I know that you are there.

At first I wondered if it wise
To use my time in search
Of something no computer feels
Without a human touch.

But as I grew to know you
Through lines upon the screen
I saw a depth of beauty
So clear though never seen

And as we talked of love and lust
And kindled our desire
I felt myself become entranced
And caught within your fire

For though I have not met you
Your earthly form not seen
I feel your soul within the words
Upon that magic screen

Oh, how you stir me
Your passion strong and bright
Brings to my full but lonely life
A wondrous glow of light

The vastness of the world between us
May stop our paths from meeting
And so ensure my love for you
Is sweet
But oh so fleeting...
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