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ok i didnt really get wat you ment about that but i love pomes they are my fav thing to do when im board or just haveing fun with sum thing i do pomes.
Hakastill I have been waiting for your love poems.
[quote user] so you have been whiting for my love pomes yes do you fell the love.[guote]
That pome made me cry a little bit that 's sweet
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no i hve not!!! y?
hi all

please can you just give me a definition for love???

can we find writings about things that do not exist??
this a very good poe but i need one wich my friend can see she took away the best boy away from me that i love
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hey the definition is that there is none the true love every one feals is just fealings there is no true real love everyone out there just has a sens of fealing sorr to brake it to you but that love do you realy love someone or do u just have the fealings to love true love is god for he died on the cross for us to have judgement on our sins that is true love he shed life vfor everyonethats what true love is everyone .... from justin maccuish
what are u talking about? I am really sorry that i can not think of anything right know... I have been so buyes that i had no time to think of on right know... but maybe i think of on tonight and i can get back to you tomorrow what do you u think of that?

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hw bad do you need this love poem?
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