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Dj BuenoIT DOES EXISTS and it is like a war..easy to begin, difficult to stop..
Nice analogy, Dj Beuno. On the other hand, for some people "love" is difficult to begin and easy to stop.Emotion: smile

And then there's my kind... love is difficult to begin, difficult to stop. I don't give my love and respect easily - and I always give both together - but when I love someone, it remains.

it always hurts me. but i love to be in love Emotion: smile
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Emotion: sadi dont like it cuz it usually hurst!!! but however i wanna fall in love...
it always hurts me. but i love to be in love
That's so beautifully written, Janissary! It's exactly how I feel...

Yeah, love hurts. A lot.
Emotion: sad when i leave him it doesnt hurt but if he leaves it's killing meEmotion: crying
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[F] I agree also with Janissary, I love being in love and giving all my love but if it ends, the pain is terrible. But I know it will happen again for me.
If anyone has the answer tell me...
I agree but ! My grill friend she don't understood love how i can make her understood . ?
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