Love? can we define love? It is not easy because love means different things to different people.However,generally love is understood as having a deep affection for someone or something.
There is love between a man and a woman which can culminate into a legal bond called marriage.Besides,the love of husband and wife forms a good foundation of their family through their respect,loyalty and patience which can carve these aspects into their children's heart.
Then, love to God. Many people put their lives on this path. In some
cultures, their love goes beyond of pain just want to show their utmost devotion to God.In this case,love and faith exist side by side.
Therefore, I think love is many things and no matter how we perceive it,it exists everywhere whether in various forms or certain circumstances.Without love,we live an empty life without joy and happiness that is very sad indeed.

SO......WHAT DO U THINK????????????????????????????????????Emotion: big smile[L]
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Well, I think we just can't say what is Love, otherwise it wouldn't be Love anymore... Emotion: stick out tongue
i wanna fall in luv:(
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IT DOES EXISTS and it is like a war..easy to begin, difficult to stop..
yeah:(easy to begin but sometimes it's not easy Emotion: sad
Why do you say like that? Are we talking about "platonic love"? Emotion: smile
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Never mind... Sometimes my little dear twin gets a little moody... Especially when she has exams... Emotion: stick out tongue
Emotion: big smiletwin moods..
Emotion: wink
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