There was a flicker in your eyes

as you looked into mine.

My heart was set on fire

As I stood looking into yours.

You took my hand into yours

And smiled lovingly at me.

I stood there speechless and shy

As you whispered ‘I love me’ into my ears.

Every day you came to see me

Every moment was very precious

My heart always skipped a beat

Whenever you spoke with your eyes.

Those loving words that came from you

Were like showers of nectar for me

Listening was not my forte

But I did that when I was with you.

The smile that travelled from your eyes

To those sexy lips of yours

A sensual shiver passed through me

When I thought of them on mine.

Days passed by and then years

My heart was craving for a touch

Of your beautiful hands on mine

Whenever we met even if it was for a while.

I adored you for being so pure

Though my passion was losing patience

When all at once you took me into your arms

and blessed me with a loving smooch.

Every time I smelled your perfume next to me

Uncontrollable were the limits of coyness

But waiting was all we wanted to do

Till we knew we could tie the knot.

The day when every rain drop was ours

The cold wet bodies were tempted enough

Control and patience both took a flight

as we entwined our bodies to the beat.

The passion was sacred and the love too

as all boundaries we did tear apart.

Ecstasy and peace both invited us

as we soared into the dawn of bliss.

Is love and passion all the same?

I questioned every night as darkness dawned.

When your visits were not frequent

Only tears would listen to my ranting.

Waiting was all that was left for me

And memories were also quite deep.

Searching for you was futile

and your absence a shock to my heart.

The heat of your love scorched me

And the passion in your eyes burnt me

I was standing all alone with my bruises;

You didn’t even say goodbye when you left me.

i love poem
look good the poem going
[P]what a nice one

Great poem..I like it..Emotion: big smile
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Thanks studytogether and hollie for your comments.I appreciate it.