The fragrance of your perfume
When after you left the room
Lingered on
It sent a tantalizing spell
Through my body

The warmth of your body
When after you left the bed
Simmered on
It gave a loving massage
To my being

The message of your affection
When after you left me
smoothered on
It struck a soothing trance
To my existence
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Hey buddies, didn't like the poem?
It's a mental and physical poem. I wish I could write something like that.
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thanks Maj. U do write well. U rightly said... It is a psychological poem... of a lady who has just lost her husband. Its not a physical description as it mmay seem on a first glance.
it is beautiful, and soothing to the mind and soul to read these. Keep up the good work.
Thanks Lilbit
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Hello Anita, I found myself on page 11!

'When after' – not quite; you would only need to say 'after' here.

'Smoothered' I wasn't sure about – was it 'smothered' or 'smoothed' you were looking for?

I like the message/massage pararhyme.

Thanks Mr.P for pointing it out... It's a typo... it should be smothered... something to say encompassing or engulfing...

Thanks for bringing this poem from 11th to the 1st page.Emotion: big smile
awww anita.. its cool
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