In the rain I walked with you
In my clasp holding your hand
Enjoying every moment with you
I traversed into Love's land.

In the hot sun I walked with you
Tinkling sweat with frangrances
Counting moments spent with you
And losing into Love's senses.

In the winter night I walked with you
Close together like a bond
Imagining my life with you
I fell into Love's pond.

Every time I walked with you
We walked a mile together
Every thing I did with you
Was for our Love's weather.
hi anita a
it is really nice poem i heard..
did you write by your self...
if you write by your self you might be a fomous poater one day
Welcome to the forum Sweety.Thanks a lot for your compliment.I wrote it on my own as I wrote all the other poems posted in the forum...with the name anita_a.
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I really like this one two.
Thanks Maj. You always have a good word to say.I appreciate it.