Recently, 5 police men had been killed, one is a far cousin of mine.Emotion: sad

Can the she-camel abandon her young?

Is there a desert without some sand?

The poet can't live without his hand!

Even the savage alligator longs for his eggs' hatching.

O, my Land, your poet is skilled,

yet , with an amputated hand ...

Your sky won't show me a single star!!

It is all confusing ,

and really appalling.

There is these men ,mourning.

There is the Prince hugging

the poor and weeping aloud.

There is this pregnant ,Sara

lamenting her husband's death.

The foetus kept screaming,

' Is it my fate to be an orphan?'

Criminals, are you satisfied?

You have no men's pride!

And now have no place to hide.

My land despises you, Mind you,

The sea ,

The gulf ,

The mountains,

The Empty Quarter,

The oil wells,

will make all evil stop.

And command Kindness to pop up

out of your kids' broken hearts.

The Sweet Deser ,with all love
How sweet... Emotion: smile I'm sorry for your loss TSD... Emotion: sad

Thanks YoHf, you have no idea how much I appreciate your healing words, that's why I like English Forums.
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You're welcome... Emotion: smile