Hi.I have an idea about lunar new year.Is it ok?

Only two weeks more, and we'll be able to say 'happy lunar new year'. In some Asean countries such as China, Vietnam, Hong kong... Lunar new year is a great traditional celebration.Let's talk about it ^_^.How do people in your country celebrate lunar new year? What's your opinion about this event? What is your cultural view about the pig, the symbol of the coming new year? etc...
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We don't celebrate Lunar New Year in Russia. My cultural view on the pig is... 'yummy'. Emotion: big smile (Just kidding.)
In Vietnam, when Lunar new year is comming, all members of family usually go home to unite and cheer up with everyone in the family. It is the family day like Christmas day in the countries where people follow Christian. Some people dont wanna celebrate lunar new year so they go to street and look at the fireworks in the sky when clock point to 12 am. The next day which is the first day is comming, we have to go the relative's houses to visit and wish them healthier and richer than the last year. (But the most important thing is if any family have someone who dead in last year, they must not go anywhere). They only stay at home and the other families will visit them.And the second day is the same as the first day. It means we have 2 days to visit our relative's families. The next days(3rd and 4th) which we call the days for our teachers and friends. We can visit them with your family to wish them healthier and richer than the last year. Then the next days (5th until 9th) we can invite our friends or our company's partner over at our home to make a party.
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I didn't know this celebration, it's very interesting! I have a question: do you celebrate the lunar new year in a specific day every year? I've made some searches but I couldn't find in which specific day you celebrate Emotion: rolleyes
(maybe this is a silly question, I apologize Emotion: embarrassed)
On 17th of Febuary the lunar new year is comming. And luckily, this year is my year which is a pig's year. It is so funny, every year before the lunar new year, we always have some funny advertising about pigs. Anyway u can find these by google about my lunar new year.
Lunar new year is counted according to Lunar calendar, the traditional calendar which is still familiar in some Asean countries. This calendar is created based on the movement of the moon, and it is much different from the 'normal' or the 'sun' calendar that people use all over the world. In some years, there is a month which exists twice ( last year, it was July). So, the lunar new year is often one month later than the normal new year. There is an interesting fact that people in different countries may celebrate lunar new year on different days, because their lunar calendars are not exactly the same. Last year, Chinese celebrated lunar new year one day before Vietnamese.As Son_tiny told, in this coming year, February 17th is the first day of the year, but it is for Vietnam only. In China, it 's one day later, February 18th. So it's a good idea to celebrate the first day of the year twice, in Vietnam first and then in China. .They are neighbouring countries, and the travel is very convenient ^_^.
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How do u know so much about my traditional new year? I am very curious and very surprised about what u explain to everyone. Sound is interesting and amazing. Actually I didnot know this b4. I was thinking mine as same as Chinese lunar new year. Thanks for ur explanation. Would u mind answering my small question? Where are u from and where do u get these information? I am looking forward to ur reply, pal.
I like the lunar new year. Lots of food! Emotion: money
Hi ^_^ I found the information about chinese and vietnamese lunar new year via television (VTV1) and newspapers.

I love Lunar new year holiday (in Vietnam it's called Tet holiday).

I like the scent of incense sticks. Their smell makes me feel warm and brings back many memories. Vietnamese people only burn incense sticks on special days such as the first day and the middle day of a lunar month, and for special purpose such as in rememberance of our ancestors every year on the day they died. On Tet holiday we use a special kind of incense sticks which is more fragrant than normal kinds .Without incense sticks' fragrance, there's no atmosphere of tet

Many delicious dishes are available on tet holiday, especially traditional cakes.'Chung' cake is green, square- shaped, made from grains and meat, covered by green leaves, symbolizes the Land with plants, grains and animals. 'Day' cake is white, round- shaped, symbolizes the sky with clouds.

During this holiday, Vietnamese people often decorate their living rooms with specific flowers. In Vietnam there is a very beautiful flower in the North called Dao flower ( it is pink), and in the South there is a special one called Mai flower ( it is yellowish). Both of them blossom in Spring, and gardeners often try on their best to make the flowers blossom in time for Tet.

A large number of traditional festivals are hold during and after this holiday, every village has its own traditional festival. Some well-known festivals are Lim, Huong pagoda, the buffalo festival, human chess festival ( where each person represents for a chess-man on a great chess- board !)...In the past, people spent most time during tet holiday at home with their family and relatives. But nowadays, youth prefer gathering with their friends and visit distant places.

In my country, there's a custom that on the very first days of the year, adults give a small amount of money in a small red envelope to children ( red is considered a lucky colour) and wish them to be healthy and study well. Partly because of that, many children like Tet very much ^_^
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