Hello everyone (who reads this message)
English is not my native language, so I try to learn it by differents ways, and one of it is reading lyrics songs Emotion: smile
I LOVE the song yeah (Usher) so i've tried to understand the meaning and I have some questions.
I don't understand the meaning of the following expressions
(It would be nice if you could help me...)

1) Keep it down on the low key
2) I'm a milk the cow (ludacris)
3) These women all on the prowl
4) Then "bend over to the front! (and touch your toes!!")

And a las general question:
How can we "keep it real" Emotion: smile

(i'm half guessing for lots of these)
keep it down on the low key = keep it secret, keep a low profile
i'ma milk the cow = (i have no idea...)
these women all on the prowl = all the women are looking for men
bend over the the front, and touch your toes = literally bend down and touch your toes (i think...)
thaks roquat (y)
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see....... many english singers try to write their lyrics to be easy to spell... so some sentences are written without meaning(s)....
i memorized YEAH to USHER and i know every word in this song.... but it is not necessary
for the song to be all word by word meaningful Emotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
so learn ENGLISH from books not from hip-hop or rock songs........ be logicable!!!..

{this is a reply for the guy that has a problem in ENGLISH}
i would like to say that iam Lebanses and my first language is arabic not english!!!

thank you
"Milk the cow" is some sort of perverse Ludacris thing (hes always good for that). In other words...you don't want to know!Emotion: big smile most rappers rap bout stuff like that
I will remark on the lines you don't understand. Please don't be offended by the descriptions of some of them.

1) Keep it down on the low key = Don't attract attention or be obvious about your intentions.
2) I'm a milk the cow (ludacris) = It is likely a reference to oral sex.
3) These women all on the prowl = Women looking for men (predatory reference on wanting to meet men).
4) Then "bend over to the front! (and touch your toes!!") = You need to look at the line before it-when he gets them in their birthday suits (gets their clothes off). Again a sexual reference.

Hope this was helpful. Many of today's lyrics and rap lyrics in particular have many references to sex, alcohol or drugs. So if you don't want to hear that stuff you have to be selective. Why? Well let's just say it sells albums.

Best regards.
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I think this is an excellent idea and a wonderful and fun way to learn English. Perhaps once you have mastered "yeah" you can mover on to something a little more advanced. I suggest "get low" as a more challenging look into the English language. If you get really good, you can move on to mini-Bush speeches. These can be quite confusing, even for us native English speakers but it is the wave of the future.
i waana sey lady

"If you hold her head steady, I'ma milk the cow" is indeed a reference to a particular oral sex technique.

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