What does the phrase M. told S. mean? Do the M and S stand for anything?

M. told S. that he's got loads of interesting anecdotes about his adventures.
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M., M., S., V. to all the names. You either "." after each of them or nothing.
What a C.V. or CV! I have seen both ways stands for Curriculum Vitae.
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It makes no difference with these. It depends on personal taste.
Excellent research, Woodward. It is indeed from a register cloze. Actually, I am pretty sure about the meaning, just wanted to know whether it is a common colloquial expression; and I guess it is not. Thanks, Woodward!
The meaning? I understand the rules but I have serious problems in understanding the text. Maybe, you could help.
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rules?! There are no rules, Maj. The sentence simply means that James Dixon is said to have some interesting films. Like Woodward said, one person told another person (M told S.)