Not considering the nationality of the teacher, what is recognized more, an MA in ESL from a good university, or an English certificate from a reputable institute? Someone I know already has an MA in ESL but is still being asked to take either a CELTA or TESOL.
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I recommend doing the CertTESOL or CELTA yet the TESOL has a pronunciation component to the course which the CELTA lacks. The course in the UK is only 4 weeks long (full time) and you are qualified to teach immediately afterwards. If you want to stay in the industry after teaching for a couple of years go on do the DELTA or DipTESOL. Good Luck
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celta or delta plez advise me?
celta, no delta...
Scroll up dude!...dudet!
Hi,i am an english teacher and have been doing it for 8 years.
i'm a BA holder of english literature and now i wanna start teaching abroad.
for the past 5 years i've been teaching ielts,iBT and recently GRE.
i actually wanna know which of these degrees is more suitable for me now?CELTA,DELTA,TEFL,TESOL?which one?
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That's a whole heap of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors in just five sentences. I would recommend a change of career.
Hi there,

I am a current professor of theatre, with an MFA and a specialization in voice & speech, and have been teaching for 10+ years. I am considering changing careers to teach English abroad, since I'd really like to travel and see more of the world. In addition to classroom teaching, I have also spent the last few years working with private clients on accent modification and have a substantial ground in IPA and working with dialects.

I am considering going for a CELTA but am wondering if that's the best option with a current Master's degree under my belt. I recently studied with the Alliance Francaise, and really enjoyed the clarity and structure of their program, but don't know what a comparable option might be in the realm of teaching English.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
LOL... that is crazy... I was called a grammar nazi of note !
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My thoughts exactly! Made me laugh!
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