Not considering the nationality of the teacher, what is recognized more, an MA in ESL from a good university, or an English certificate from a reputable institute? Someone I know already has an MA in ESL but is still being asked to take either a CELTA or TESOL.
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I was just wondering what you mean by "DOS"; I'm not sure what this acronym stands for in this field. Thanks.
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Thank you for clearing that up TESOLGUY! I will complete my Master's this coming fall and I have several years of teaching experience but I was starting to develop some concern while looking into positions. I'd like to return overseas and noticed that quite a few institutes now require CELTA or DELTA. I'm only interested in university positions in Korea at the moment but I would consider the Middle East (for an outrageous salary). Now I understand and I'm no longer concerned.
I'm a retired ESL/ELD credentialed teacher with an M.A. in TESOL from a reputable state university. After careful consideration, I've decided to come out of retirement, live in Mexico and teach in Mexican universities. With my California credential, would I need to be trained to hold a CELTA/DELTA certificate to teach university level in Mexico? I'm assuming that the training for CELTA/DELTA is for beginner teachers. That's not my case. I'm 64 and taught for 35 years secondary and adults. Please respond.