I have a question concerning the statement "Made in the U.S." Here is how it is going to be used: Made in the U.S. Restricted to..... two separate sentences. There are some people who have said it needs to be written like this: Made in the U.S.. Restricted to..... with an extra period at the end to indicate the end of a sentence. This is not grammatically correct according to are grammar check in Microsoft Word. If you type it the the first way, Made in the U.S. Restricted to....the entire sentence in considered a fragmented sentence and is also not correct. Are there any other alternatives other than rewording the sentence. We must use these exact words. If there are no other alternatives, which one would be the "least incorrect" of the two (if that is possible)? I am anxiously awaiting your opinion on this subject. Thanks for you time.
One period is definitely correct:

Made in the U.S. Restricted to...

I do, however, agree with Radrook in his suggestion to use "USA" instead.

Style rules issued by the Canadian Press decree that "U.S." should only be used as a modifier, not as a proper noun. If following this rule, one could write: "George Bush is the U.S. president" but not "George Bush is the president of the U.S."

Periods in nation-related acronyms seem to be on the way out (e.g. USSR, UK), so there's no problem with "USA".
The following version passed the grammer and spell checker.

Made in the USA. Restricted to.....
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