Can I say,

The chocolate is made of cacao seeds.
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Pamela81a sort of spam
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CalifJimPamela81a sort of spam
So, what do you think about that english and all those weird words?
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Could anyone tell me about my sentences? which one I should use?
Vincent Teo Can I say,The chocolate is made of cacao seeds.
No. For one thing, don't use 'the'. Say,

1 Chocolate is made from cacao seeds.
2 Chocolate is made with cacao seeds.

1 emphasizes that cacao seeds are the main raw material.
2 emphasizes that cacao seeds are not the only ingredient.


'How the language sounded like'

Indeed, it is either awkwardly written or incorrectly constructed, just as you wrote. I could not have said that better myself... apart from the quote deriving from you.

American language has its flaws, any way one looks upon Americans.

'Did you ever see...?' enquires an American instead of the proper 'Have you ever seen...?'.

'I just did it.' An American dare utter it this way instead of the proper 'I have just done it.'

'I had no idea you were in school.' whispers an American evidently not intending to refer to being within the educational institution instead of the proper 'Are you at school?' Or shall I from now on say 'I am in work'?

'I will no longer deny it!' exclaims an American instead of the proper 'I shall no longer deny it/no longer shall I deny it!'

Or just to express mere futurity, the American way is 'We will have been there by tomorrow' instead of the proper 'We shall have been there by tomorrow.'

Oft do I have to decipher American. Please do not take all this amiss, for I did not mean to blacken American. Please it to you to wit that I was barely endeavouring to express that I am inclined to disconcur with the insignificant difference between American and English.
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dimsumexpressBut that was how the language sounded like to me.
You must be so enlightened that you no longer feel that you need to sound grammatically flawless. Despite your foreigner English he did not even say a word of your mistakes but as a pretended American you just had to ask him to speak American instead of English. If you are incapable of distinguishing will from shall or would from should and yet you deprioritise someone whose English is sevenfold better, needs must I feel sorry for you. Leave him be, for a great future awaits him. He will resuscitate old and sophisticated traditions.