Can I say,

The chocolate is made of cacao seeds.
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If something keeps its form, one uses 'made of''.
If the form is changed during the process of making, then one uses 'made from'.

I shall exemplify it this way:

'Wine is made from grapes.'
One no longer discerns the grapes in the wine after it is done, for they take part in a chemical process whereafter their qualities change.

'This chair is made of wood'
Nobbut physical change befell, therefore one is still able to tell that the wooden chair is made of wood.

In conclusion in order to answer your question, sith the cocoa beans lose their original qualities after the process, saying that 'The chocolate is made of cacao seeds' is erroneous. The correct way to say what you intend to say is 'The chocolate is made FROM cacao seeds.'

I trust this has help'd you distinguish the difference.

goosequillianIf something keeps its form, one uses 'made of''.If the form is changed during the process of making, then one uses 'made from'.

I have no idea how you come up with this theory, but it is just not a valid explanation. It may appear to be applicable in some cases, but selecting the appropriate preposition to use really depends on the intended context. As you may see, these sites are advertising their products with prepositional phrases containing "made with", "made from" and "made of". They do not necessarily conform to your guides.

Say Cheesecake (missing image)


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Perchance you would like to espy the content of this link afore everything else. I think it be reliable enough.

I might say: "This shirt is made of cotton" "This house is made of bricks" OR "The keyboard I use on my computer is made of plastic." On the other hand, we might say: "Paper is made from trees." "Wine is made from grapes." OR "This cake is made from all natural ingredients."

So the source was BBC, but you must have neglected to include that in your reply. Yes, the examples are true, as I have indicated that certain patterns may fall into this pattern. However, that is not always true! www.amazon.com › Clothing & AccessoriesBabyBaby Boys Leveret turtlenecks are made with the finest cotton, soft enough to give your child the comfortable feel, and thick enough to warm your little one in the cold days, ...www.thebarrelmill.com/about-usOur products are made from the finest Oak we can find. Hand-selected and aged to perfection. Our family has been in the lumber business for over 90 years.
The above are just a couple of such examples out of thousands. So you see, when "finest" is inserted into the sentence, the context allows the acceptance of other prepositions, namely "from" and "with". Your examples shows only one dimension of the preposition usage. English is a dynamic language. While patterns and rules help learners build a grammatically structured system, there are intricate variations in my opinion. What I have just brought to the discussion is just that.

Incidentally, I would much prefer using regular English. I am not very good in decoding archaic English. .
I do not delight in decoding American to English either. One does not get everything that is desired.
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dimsumexpress Incidentally, I would much prefer using regular English. I am not very good in decoding archaic English. .
Aha, It was very interesting to read all this. Now I finally understand his language: "archaic English" that is why I thought he wasn´t native speaker or a sort of spam.

Thank you Disumexpress for the explanation given!


I must admit. I am profoundly intrigued by the "unique way you manipulated the language.
I wasn't trying to be offensive by saying "archaic". But that was how the language sounded like to me. I have studied and practiced American English for over 30 years, which isn't really that much different from the BrE over all. To me, if an average reader has to read something more than twice to decipher the meaning, it is either awkwardly written, or incorrectly constructed.
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