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Hope you all will be doing good. Today as usual I came with a little problem and would request for your kind assistance.

Are all of these three senteces are correct? Secondly why do we use made up and why didn't we use only made in 3rd sentence?

1. Each cell is made up of three parts.

2. Animals and plants are made of up of cells.

3. Cell membrane is covered by a thick cell wall made of cellulose.

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The second is incorrect.

You use made up when speaking of parts which make up something.

A bicycle is made up of many different parts.

You use made of when speaking of material used to make something.

This table is made of wood.
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Hi. I think the phrases "consists of" and "made of" are used interchangeably in most of the cases we might encounter in writing. Are these correct? I don't think we can use the phrase "is made up of" as another viable option.

This school consists of two buildings and a playground.

This school is made of two buildings and a playground.