Hi everybody it is my first post in this forum!!

i saw the movie once and i found that it containes many lights to undertstand or to accuse ~(if i may say) the behaviours of the sisters towards the young girls!

what do you think ? or what ur point of view ?
First of all, you are more than welcome, Joucef, to be a member of this WONDERFUL website.

I have not watched this movie, but I will try to watch it whenever I get a chance.

Lets say Hi to our new friend; Joucef

Hey Joucef, and Welcome to the forum!!
I saw the movie 'The magdalena sisters' and the rigid aspect of religion, more precisely of the church, struck me when another role would be expected from it. A role of understanding and helping instead of repressing and urging to hide everything that is not conform.
A movie that has the power to make people think about religion. I completely recommand it.