salam alaikum

magical words

When you are counting all your friends, the oldest, best and the new..

I would like to stand by your side and say 2 little words "ME TOO"

Give "laugh" to all ..But "smile" to one

Give "love" to all...But "heart" to one

Let everybody "love" u...But u "love" one.

If you say RUN, I'll ask "how far?"

If you say SWIM, I'll ask "how deep?"

If you say JUMP, I'll ask "how high?"

If you say GO AWAY, I'll say "NO WAY" u r my friend I'll "stay"

I'd love to take you dinner, sit by the candlelight, and whisper those

three magical words ....

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"PAY THE BILL" hahahah...

looool very funny !!

& me I'll say 3 other words..."I won't pay"
salam alaikum

hi and welcome miss Sherazad

thank you miss Sherazad for your lovely reply

no no no and i will never let you pay my bills

only the gentleman pays the bill


and thank you for passing by my topic

and allah bless you all the happyness
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it's very funny

thanks Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
salam alaikum

hi and welcome Golden_eye thank you for your great reply

and thank you doe passing by

and allah bless you