I saw a website with a contact us page and I'm a bit confused.

On their contact page they give their address like this:

P.O. Box 12
123 Bingo St
Los Angeles, CA 90230

When writing the address on the envelope, which address to write? 123 Bingo St? or P.O. Box 12? or both? I've seen PO Boxes for mailing addresses before, but never together with a street address. Why would someone use both a PO Box and a street address? Is this common practice in the USA?
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You can use both, it is not uncommon to see.
A street address is also to help promote the comfort of legitimacy. (So I have been told)
so if I place an order, or mail something, I should write both the PO Box AND Street Address on the envelope? What happens if I write both, will the Post Office get confused?

And what if someone give their address like, the corner of Bard and 5th Ave. (without the number of the building) Is that acceptable to write on an envelope for mailing?
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If you place an order and they give you both , write both on the envelope. It just gives post office 2 ways to try to deliver your mail.

If they don't provide building number, appartment number or suite number whichever is needed, your letter will not be delivered.
Logically, the P.O. Box number and Zip code are linked to a mailing address. Many businesses in USA use PO Box number, leaving the street number and street name. However, if the mailing address has both street number and P.O.Box number, it is better to use both of them.
When placing an order the shipper has either a UPS address or a USPS address available.
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Hi Can any one explain me what is Suffix in Address format of USA

for example I have an address
It is not a suffix, it is an abbreviation for 'Court', one of the various terms we have for 'street'. Those people live in the house at 505 Decker Court.

Other street nomenclature: St (Street), Rd (Road), Ln (Lane), Circ (Circle), Ave (Avenue), Blvd (Boulevard), Wy (Way), Cres (Crescent), and others that do not come to mind at the moment.
Hello, CT should most likely be written as Ct. That suffix stands for "Court". Similar to how Street is abreviated as St., Boulevard is abreviated as Blvd., etc. It is equally acceptable to use either "Ct." or "Court".

Hope that helps!
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