M and W, do you already have the article about the Spanish Language Certificate similar to TOEFL or FIRST promoted by University of Mexico and Instituto Cervantes?

I can copy here the article or send you in case you don't have it yet. If, tell me if you want in Spanish or in English.
I still haven't read it and I would like to see what it's about. Thanks Elena.
I have it here. Thanks anyway for asking.
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This is the article. I hope that the translation is acceptable and you get everything.

El País, Thursday October 16, 2003


The dean of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Juan Ramón de la Fuente, encourages a collaborative strategy to promote the Spanish language.

He believes firmly that language is a great and powerful tool for global influence. Today, the head of the largest university institution of the Hispanic world with more than 250,000 students, he joins with the Cervantes Institute to develop a certificate of Spanish for students around the world.

By joining this endeavor, Juan Ramón de la Fuente adds impetus to the expansion of the Spanish language. He will be a great force for the movement. He already administrates the UNAM, with its 30,000 teachers and research workers, its installations in 23 different regions of the country, its editorial that publishes 1,000 titles a year, "Three a day," He says, its 18 museums, its Philarmonic Orchestra, its theatre and dance groups, "That stages ten spectacles a day," He states. And its football team, the Pumas. To be in control of all of this is something that only a person with a lot of energy and personality can do.

The fact is that Juan Ramón de la Fuente, this new supporter of the Cervantes Institute, with medical education and expertise in nutrition and psychiatry, who was yesterday welcomed to the annual meeting of the council, presided over by the King and Queen of Spain, has more power than a government minister in Mexico. "But less salary and more autonomy," He affirms. He comes to help unite the various forces in the teaching of Spanish, and to put into action this certificate, the aim of which is to become the baseline reference of the knowledge of Spanish for the world. "It will be like TOELF in the USA, or the Cambridge First Certificate. It will have five levels. A group of experts have already completed the manual of the first level, which is called ¡Estoy listo! - I’m Ready!," The dean relates.

The current times are right for the Spanish language to be in a predominant position. The exigencies come especially from the USA and Brazil, where there will be a demand of 200,000 teachers of Spanish over the next five years. The reason is clear, the strength of the Hispanics in North America with increased expectations for their quality of life. "The reasons for the growth of the demand for learning has a quantitative aspect on Latin-Americans, but there is one other qualitative aspect that has a lot to do with Spain." In which sense? "The Real Academia Española has played a fundamental part. It has opened itself to several initiatives during the last years." He assures.

There are other very powerful reasons, too, "Our scientific and technological progress, globalization, and also artistic reasons, such as the extraordinary quality of our Literature during the 20th century. The Spanish and the Latin-American authors, the 'boom' authors, have had a lot to do with this," He explains.

It is necessary to take advantage of all these factors and to put a strategy into action. "It is what we haven't had, a shared strategy to place the Spanish language in a predominant position. We must implement this as an instrument for the defence of our culture and our values, something that has demonstrated that it works well since the beginning of the 15th century," He affirms.

More to the point, if some of our own mechanisms are not implemented, we can have no high expectations for cultural preservation. It is necessary to copy the Anglo-Saxons. "They have enacted perfectly conceived plans for the promotion and dominance of their language for the entire 20th century. All aspects of their culture, from the economy, to pop culture products like popular music and movies, have been involved in this. Specifically, the Harry Potter phenomenon is something enviable to imitate. Besides, we all benefit from it, because it promotes reading among the young, and increased reading levels for our youth is one of the unresolved subjects."
Brilliant, excellent, superb! Elena I couldn't be more impressed! The only thing that might be slightly different is that (line 5) it will not be a degree but a certificate. You'll never stop surprising me. What do you think about it? I am really interested in your view.
Wow. That's an impressive translation. I hope they keep up with the idea of the certificate. The title of the first one doesn't sound good though. The 'Estoy Listo' (I'm ready) sounds a little like a primary school book, something for kiddies.
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Hey, Woody, I totally agree with you there but I'm afraid that that is the title of the first year book. Lol! Manual=textbook. Estás listo?
Thanks, I read it too quickly. I though the exam was going to be called that. At least it would be more original than test 1 and test 2.