Hello everyone,

May I ask you a big favour ? Would you please give me some interesting sentences which include the clauses / sentences :

1) “He kicked the door open”

2) “I fail to understand your point”

3) "I'm all for honesty." (why should a person make such a statement ?)
"Are you really?"

4) “He is becoming angrier every moment” (correct ?)

5) “I’m not very good at games”

Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes and happy new year,
Hello Hela,

I suspect you haven't had a reply because it looks like you want us to do some homework for you?

I'll give you a hand though. 'I'm all for honesty' may sound silly because who wouldn't be? However there are circumstances where it might be better not to be entirely honest (do I look fat in this?). In one of these situations a person needs to weigh up whether to be honest or not. If they decide to be honest they might say this phrase, to justify what they have said. Or it could be a difficult decision and they decided that is the best course to take.
Dear teachers,

May I renew my question without you being angry at me ? [:^)]

Many thanks,
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Dear moderators,

I swear that this is not a homeworkEmotion: sad . I have found these expressions in a book talking about English collocations and I just wanted to see/know how they can fit into a sentence.
If I ask you sometimes to make a sentence for me with either collocations, compound nouns or adjectives it is because I have come across them without them being in a particular context and I want to know how an English person would use them.

Best regards,
Dear Hela,

What?!?! all i want is a sentence for oriental!

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