can anyone tells me the difference between MAKE and MADE ?

when to use MAKE and MADE ?
Make is present tense to use with everything in the present and future.

Made is the past simple and past participle so use with the past and perfect tenses.

I will make a cake - Future

I am making a cake - present (making it now)

I makes cakes - present (general statement)

I made a cake - past

I have made a cake - present perfect (made the cake in the past and here is the cake)
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Thanks to your explanation

When to use make and made?

A girl asking a boy I will make you a man or otherwise I will made you a man . What is proper sentence to use make or made can you say me
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When to use Make and Made


When to use Make and Made


- in the Simple Present tense;

- as an infinitive (bare or to-one ) in verb phrases;

- in imperatives;

- in causative expressions;

- in conditionals (type 1).


- in the Simple Past tense;

- as a past participle in Perfect Tenses;

- in causative expressions;

- in conditionals (type 2 and mixed ones);

- in adjectival complements (modifiers).

I will made you a man
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I will made is not a valid English tense.

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